Carl Odoms

Career Development:  An international professional with proven skills in education, language and communication training, highly effective student preparation for TOEFL, EAP, BEC, CAE and FCE examinations. Teacher trainer, adult and child motivator; mentor for the better use and appreciation of the English language, teaching methodologies: Montessori, Communicative, Cooperative, five week early childhood education in Shanghai, China (2012). Work and Travel assistant.

Career Experience

March 2014 to October 2017

Amerikan Kultur Language School and British Kultur primary/middle school, Ankara Turkey 

European Union certified, CEFR, leveling system of A1-C2 certification, full time TEFL instructor and tutor. Main objectives are to assist the students, in feeling confident to speak English; incorporation with proper grammar, vocabulary, diction and phonics, sentence order. Choosing curriculum and books in tandem with the English DOS, daily assistance with lesson planning and grammar topics with junior teachers. Work and Travel assistant.

British Culture Schools: teaching grades, 3A-3E, 4A-4B, 5A-5B, 6A-6B, 7A-7B, 8A; grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, topics of conversation with speaking activities.

September 2013 January 2014 

Kultur2000 Kolej, Istanbul, Turkey

Certified IB curriculum middle school, English instructor for grades 4 a/b, 5 a/b and 6 b, ages 9 - 14; concentration on grammar, vocabulary and speaking abilities (IWB), preparations for the KET, PET Cambridge ESOL examinations. 

September 2012 – April 2013

Walt Disney English, Shanghai International Headquarters, China

English instructor for kindergarten/1st graders; ages (6-9), primary focus; the teaching of phonetics, pronunciation, diction and forming sentences, vocabulary building; incorporated with the Walt Disney catalogue of movie animation characters/IWB via downloaded PowerPoint lessons plans from the USA. Group activities, using 90% Realia  for every lesson.

January 2012-August 2012 

Active English, Ankara, Turkey Part time TEFL instructor of Business English; grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary building, reading, linguistics and essay writing skills, for working adults. Topical English conversation lessons, level testing every 4 weeks, TOEFL preparation.

June 2011-August 2012

Samanyolu College, Ulku Ulusoy, Private High School, Ankara, Turkey

English instructor, for over 450 students; (ages 8-17) weekly, offering English lessons with a concentration on building student confidence, in regard to speaking, pronunciation, annunciation (vocal drills), proper grammar, essay writing, use of the Smart Board, in conjunction with all course materials. Activities coordinator: summer terms (2011-12) coordinator of class art projects in English, accompanied 80 students on English speaking only day trips. Organized a final summer term English entertainment cabaret; singers, dancers and dramatic skits performed by all our students, in English, level testing of English language skills with audio, visual and written examinations, under the Oxford or Cambridge ESOL testing guidelines and protocols.

Jan 2011-April 2011

Truhla High School, Prague, Czech Republic 

TEFL teacher for over 400 students (ages 8-17 grades 3rd - 8th) weekly, state school contract with a concentration on English pronunciation, annunciation, phonetics, conversation, sentence/word order, grammar, vocabulary, audio/visual techniques used to upgrade each student’s understanding and level of English, in preparation for the mandatory English FCE and Czech Republic state English examinations, sponsored by the British council, Prague,  Basic TOEFL preparation for the senior students applying for University entrance.

Dec 2007-April 2009  

High School South City, Prague, Czech Republic

Contract teacher of English grammar and conversation for grades 1-8 (ages 7-16), 250 students weekly, lead Native TEFL speaker, in the language department. Prepared and practice tested students for the FCE, CAE exams, and the Czech Republic ministry of education, oral English leaving exams (A levels).


Degree Award and Certifications

Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA; January, 2011 degree, Bachelors of Science; College of Arts, Media and Design, concentration: Organizational Communication Studies. 

TEFL Certified; Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Prague the Czech Republic, 2006, 120 hours in classroom earned at the NextLevel TEFL training agency.  IT Proficiencies: Electronic Smart Board, IWB, Microsoft Office, Intranet, Internet, PeopleSoft, Access, Act, Quality Software Testing, PC/MAC Projects,  School online student database systems for grading, attendance, homework assignments (Turkey, Prague, China).  

Language Fluency: Native Speaker: English, French-Basic level, Czech- Beginner level, Spanish-Beginner level, survival Turkish.